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Mouth Guards/Occlusal Guards

Teeth grinding (bruxism) and bite (occlusal) problems are extremely common and can cause severe damage to your teeth and jaw. 

Should you suffer from these occlusal problems, we can craft a custom-tailored, non-obtrusive mouth guard to be worn at night to protect your teeth.  We can also make a similar but somewhat different appliance to protect your teeth during athletic activities.

Dr. Ellis has done extensive studies on occlusion with the reknown Dawson Academy.  We can not only create the mouth guard to protect your teeth, but we can also perform a full evaluation of the source of your bite problems and give you solutions for how to fix your bite.  This occlusal analysis and adjustment can save you from tooth and jaw pain, broken teeth, and other major problems. 
Hopewell Dentist | Mouth Guards/Occlusal Guards. Jonathan Ellis is a Hopewell Dentist.