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Implant Hybrid Prosthesis


Your new implant supported hybrid prosthesis by Ellis Family Dentistry will be secured by four to six titanium dental implants and a custom milled titanium support bar within the prosthesis, reinforcing your new smile with strength and function that mimics natural teeth.  Implants also help prevent bone loss after tooth removal, maintaining your facial aesthetics and profile.

 Your prosthesis will be screwed in place, so it stays in your mouth AT ALL TIMES including eating and sleeping.

 This prosthesis is supported by your implants, so we are able to lift it higher off of your soft tissue for added comfort and ease of cleaning. 

 With an implant supported screw-retained hybrid prosthesis, it is possible to remove any existing teeth, surgically place your dental implants, and connect a new provisional acrylic prosthesis ALL IN ONE DAY!  Your permanent prosthesis will be milled with acrylic and titanium within a few months.

 Your implant surgery, follow up appointments, and creation and management of your final product will all be performed at Ellis Family Dentistry.

Dr. Jonathan Ellis is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a world renowned organization for dental implant education and practice.


Implant Supported Screw-Retained Hybrid Prosthesis Procedures

 -Immediate provisional denture and provisional connectors

-Four to six full size dental implants

-Any necessary site specific bone grafting

-Custom milled titanium and acrylic

-Implant supported prosthesis

-Four to six abutment connectors and screws

-Prosthesis adjustments

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