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Jaw Pain, TMJ Disorder, and Bite Adjustments in Hopewell

“Dental occlusion” may be something you have never heard of before. It is the coming together of teeth in your bite ̶ a meeting of two surfaces made of the hardest stuff in your body and the movement of those surfaces against each other. Aggressive wear, sensitivity, clenching and grinding, cracks, loose teeth, breaking teeth, sore muscles, painful jaw joints (TMJ Disorder), headaches– these and more can be associated with occlusal problems, or the misalignment of your bite. This misalignment causes gradual wear and tear that can do significant damage to your teeth. An obvious injury, like a broken tooth, often hides the underlying cause, leading many dentists to just treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Bite adjustments Jaw joint

All dentists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of decay and periodontal disease in dental school. Through education and experience, the doctor is able to “look into the future” and recommend appropriate treatment to minimize the effects of these diseases by dealing with them as early as possible. Fewer dentists, however, have been trained to “look into the future” of occlusal disease.

Dr. Jonathan Ellis and Dr.Jessica Keller have undergone considerable training with the Dawson Academy into developing the ability to recognize the signs of occlusal disease and provide or recommend appropriate treatment to halt its effects. Our doctors are trained not only to recognize these problems, but to plan meticulous full-mouth bite adjustments to correct the alignment of your teeth. Once your bite is in proper alignment, we can then begin reconstruction to a more stable position.

We routinely incorporate the evaluation of the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease into every comprehensive evaluation and periodic examination you experience in this office. We “look into the future,” providing you with information today that will impact your teeth and your life 5,10, 20 and more years from now.

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