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Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Hopewell

Snoring can badly disrupt your sleep, and it can also be keeping your family awake. We provide snoring counselling to determine the cause of your snoring and take steps to stop it.

You snore when your breathing causes the tissues surrounding your airways to vibrate. There are many possible causes, including age (your tissues lose elasticity as you age), weight, and occlusal issues.

We’ll examine your jaws and throat to determine the cause, and recommend the appropriate treatment. In many cases snoring can be stopped with a mouth appliance that you wear while you sleep. There are several types of dental devices we can provide to treat snoring.

When evaluating for the more serious problem of Sleep Apnea, we can coordinate with your sleep doctor to see if a dental device might be a better solution for your sleep apnea than a traditional C-Pap device. Sleep Apnea can be an exhausting and life-threatening problem, and a dental device may be a comfortable and effective solution.

Don’t lose any more sleep. Call us today to book a snoring or sleep consultation.

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